AI Robotics

We will solve your industrial AI robotics problems, from computer vision-based quality assurance for production lines to complex industrial automation and prediction with machine learning. Interested? Contact our founder directly:

How can our tailor-made AI solutions enhance your industry:

AI-powered quality management

With image and video recognition, your quality assurance will be much faster and more precise. You can reduce unnecessary and error-prone human labor while rapidly detecting and resolving issues with complex products.

IoT Predictive Maintenance

We can reduce the chances of breakdown and keep your equipment at top performance with deep neural network-based predictive maintenance.

Inventory and supply chain management

With a collaborative filtering-based proprietary solution, we can predict the inventory needs and stock flow into and through a company. With this high return on investment AI, the managers can focus on what's important for the business instead of worrying about supply chain and inventory problems.

Fine AI Robotics

Probably the most complex movement for a robot arm is drawing with graphite or painting a picture. We connected the Image AI to a robot developed with Dobot to showcase our AI robotics expertise. This industrial-grade robot arm now paints pictures on tradeshows. After all, it is more portable than an industrial production line.

AI robotics can skyrocket your manufacturing: You can deliver higher quality and lower costs. Our journey together starts with an email to!

AI driven drawing and painting robots -